Tutorial - Fine art Retouching - English

In this video tutorial, Michael Schnabl shows his entire Fine Art Portrait post production workflow - from the RAW development to the final image look. In 12 sections, the work steps are shown easily understandable and explained in order to achieve this special portrait look.


The video training is suitable for all photographers who make portraits in the studio and who want to stand out from the mainstream with the use of advanced and unique image editing - Photoshop basic knowledge is recommended to follow the tutorial. In the video the programs Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and for the final image look partly Alien Skin Exposure are used. There is also a blog article, wich I wrote for FUJILOVE Magazine, about my use of Exposure for the final image look.



Included in the scope of delivery

Video Tutorial - Fine Art Retouching / Complete Workflow

Original RAW image

6 Fine Art Textures by Michael Schnabl

 + Complete Fine Art Monochrome Lightroom Presets collection


Total running time: 110,4 min / Videoformat: mp4 - Full HD / language: English 



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  1. Fine Art Portrait - retouching and editing - INTRO
  2. RAW-development with Lightroom
  3. Enhancing the outer shape of the subject
  4. Removing imperfections of the skin
  5. Retouching of the eyes
  6. Frequency Separation
  7. Dodge and Burn - removing imperfections
  8. Dodge and Burn - contouring
  9. Correcting imperfections of the clothing
  10. inserting a different backdrop
  11. Creating a color look with Alien Skin Exposure
  12. Creating color looks with photoshop
  13. Conclusion

Before and after

Sample Images

The following images are edited using the technique described in the video tutorial, and the backgrounds used are out of the

Fine Art Textures Collections I - III. In some cases, several textures were superimposed and combined with each other.

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